Group Classes

Hi, I'm New Here

Instructor: Amanda Aubrey, APRN, IBCLC, CPST and founder of BEL
Unfortunately, newborns don’t come with instruction manuals! Luckily, this class will cover lots of basic information to get you through those first few months. Great for expectant families!

Sleep Like a Dream

Instructors: Ashley Smith, APRN and Katelin Shouse, RN. Ashley and Katelin are both Certified Sleep Consultants and founders of Like a Dream Louisville
Ignore the myth you often hear during pregnancy, “sleep while you can” and join us for this sleep class specifically geared for newborn families. Learn how to establish a healthy sleep foundation for your little one, so everyone can be sleeping Like a Dream in no time!

Pumping Ain't Easy

Instructor: Amanda Aubrey, APRN, IBCLC,CPST and founder of BEL
Did you open that pump box that was on your baby registry and get overwhelmed?! Are you breastfeeding and just unsure when to pump?! Getting ready to go back to work and feeling anxious about supply?! If you answered “yes”, this class is for you! Let’s talk about all things pumping!

Precious Cargo

Instructor: Amanda Aubrey, APRN, IBCLC, CPST and founder of BEL
Gain confidence in car seat knowledge and ensure they are safe on every ride. Let’s discuss that first newborn car seat as well as information on transitional seats as they grow!

Nice Try, Mom

Instructor: Audra Rankin, APRN
Are you wanting your child’s palette to extend beyond the typical children’s menu at most restaurants?! Let’s discuss introduction to solids, picky eating, and creating healthy eating habits.

Get Your Cameras Ready!

Instructor: Audra Rankin, APRN
The first year of life will be full of lots of firsts! All babies grow at their own pace but let’s learn about those developmental milestones from birth through their first few years.