Superhero Cheerleader

I can honestly say that I never thought the day would come that I would be sitting here blogging!! With math and science as my strengths, I would never say that I excelled much at writing. I used to hear: “you can’t write the way you talk”.  Well…. hopefully that doesn’t apply to blogging! 

There are several reasons why I chose to give this scary and intimidating thing a whirl. First, I want to be able to reach more mommas. Therefore, help more mommas. Simple! Secondly, I want to be a good resource for families when they are “googling” their breastfeeding questions (We all do it!!).  Lastly, I just want my patients, families, and even those healthcare professionals referring patients to me, to know me a little better. So, here I am!

I am sure all of you have read diligently through my bio on the website ;)….but in case you missed it, my professional experience has always been in pediatrics: from RN, to APRN, then adding on IBCLC. I too nursed two babies, so I know first hand just how hard and also rewarding this experience can be. The combination of my personal breastfeeding experience along with my professional experience, I grew really tired of seeing soooo many women out there struggling with breastfeeding and having nowhere to turn. That’s when I made the choice to further my education and focus on lactation.

Some people might think that working with emotional women would not exactly be ideal. I see things differently. After the birth of one of our children, my husband made a comment that really stuck with me. He told me how incredible the strength and instincts were of a new mother. He described it as being a “special power”. 

You see, my job allows me to witness this “special power” over and over again. 
Each time I witness this motherly instinct take over, it amazes and motivates me to keep learning and keep being the support system that every woman needs. I have worked with some of the MOST incredibly strong women, have witnessed their dedication, have seen their strength (even when they couldn’t), and have been there when they overcame their hurdles. These women are real-life superheroes!

“Superhero cheerleader” may not be a professional title or any special initials behind my name, but I will wear that hat proudly!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this and giving a more in depth look at what you do! We are so blessed to have your support during the most crucial, difficult time of literally being a brand new mom! Can’t wait to read more!! ❤️

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